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About Menerga

Menerga was founded in 1980 by a group of visionary engineers and a revolutionary idea - to develop air conditioning units for the well-being of people in swimming pool halls. The best part of the idea was to use this engineering to save energy as well.
Our primary goal of perfecting climate control with minimum energy consumption remains the same and the journey towards carbon neutral buildings continues. What has changed over time is our range of products.

We have a wide range of units suited to a vast array of projects and applications including Passivhaus, low energy air conditioning and swimming pools. We take pride in delivering a unit that is not only suited to the method of delivery and the environment but is also a reasonable price. Menerga units will continue to operate far longer and in a better condition even in the harsh swimming pool environment, while costing significantly less to run, than a more conventional AHU. In many cases using gentle indirect adiabatic cooling can eliminating the need for refrigerants altogether.

In many cases, decisions concerning the choice of air conditioning technology are based solely on the first cost of the equipment itself. However this is not always in the best interests of the occupants, owners or the environment. It is well known that initial investment costs only represent a small proportion of life cycle costs.

Menerga solutions offer the opportunity to minimise the use of primary energy in your building and to benefit from the lower infrastructure costs and energy consumption.

We are confident that your yearly review of energy and life cycle costs will leave you happy that you chose Menerga.

We love a challenge. Or more exactly, an air conditioning challenge that needs a creative solution. When it comes to air conditioning, we want to work with you to find a better solution for the occupants and owners. Why not include us in your planning process right from the start.

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